HVAC Email Marketing

More Leads Through Effective Email Marketing

The Power of Email Marketing for HVAC Companies

Numbers don’t lie. According to Direct Marketing Association, for every $1 spent on email marketing, businesses can expect an average ROI of $42.00.

Email marketing is the most underutilized and underestimated tactic in marketing. Statistics tell us that an email marketing campaign is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers and that 44% of email recipients have made at least one purchase in the last year based on a promotional email.

This means that if you are not actively pursuing customers in your market with email, you are missing out on a ton of potential revenue. 

Email marketing with Pro Inbound is one of the most effective ways to remain top of mind with potential prospects and existing customers for HVAC companies.

The primary goal of any HVAC marketing campaign is to bring on new customers, but generating repeat business and referrals from existing customers is equally important for stability. 

We build cost-effective HVAC marketing plans for our clients that are designed to boost your annual revenue by taking advantage of strategic offerings. Email marketing is a key piece of the puzzle for your business as you look to outpace your competition.

Our Email Marketing Process

Building Your Opt-In List

The backbone of any email campaign is an effective opt-in list. Our primary goal in driving traffic to your website is to convert the visitor into a new customer, but, if that doesn’t happen, our secondary goal is to collect their email address on the site. Building an opt-in list of interested potential buyers and communicating with them regularly is the key to boosting sales through email marketing.

Generating Custom Email Content

The content of your emails matter. When someone trusts you with their email address, it is your responsibility to offer value to them in each and every email. Our content team uses its years of experience to craft custom email funnels for your business that are designed to engage your prospective buyers. 

Tracking and Reporting

As with any marketing tactic, tracking and reporting are important. We send our cliensts monthly reports that include information on how many new prospects have siged up for their email list as well as open rates, responses, etc. You will never have to wonder how effective your HVAC email campaigns are when you partner with Pro Inbound Marketing. 

Advanced Email Strategies

Once your email campaign is live, we will be able to begin segmenting your list based on customer type and roll out advanced strategies that incentivize referrals and repeat business. The more we can hone in on your customers and separate them into separate lists, the more successful your email campaigns will be.

The Secret to Success on Google

Ranking at the top on Google Search is all about popularity. Yes, we said it, just like high school, it’s a popularity contest to rank at the top of the search engines.

This is especially true for HVAC companies. Your industry is competitive and if you’re new in town or a one or two man operation, competing with the “big guys” who have been around a while is tough. They’re the popular ones, even household names, so how do you push them down the page?

Popularity on Google Search for HVAC companies comes down to a simple formula.

Optimization + Content + Promotion + Traffic = Getting Found on Google

Email marketing falls into the “PROMOTION” part of the formula but email marketing is also a great website traffic source for HVAC companies.

Ready to Beat Your Competition?